4G / LTE bundling

  • High-speed internet at remote locations
  • Professional connectivity via mobile internet connections

Provide 4G / LTE trunking for
flexible and scalable
Enterprise WANs

The main advantages of combining wireless 4G / LTE connections with comBOX virtual dedicated line service packages are:

  • Ultra flexible WAN -Solution for remote locations with limited connectivity options
  • Professional connectivity for mobile applications (on vehicles, yachts, video transmissions, etc.)
  • Short response time (low latency) with low jitter to support interactive applications and video streaming
  • Increased reliability when connecting multiple 4G / LTE connections from different carriers
  • Static IPv4 addresses at remote / mobile locations
  • Real-time network compression to accelerate compressible traffic types and to save data and costs
  • End-to-end, bidirectional Quality of Service (QoS) for dynamic prioritization of the data traffic per packet over several Internet connections
  • 99.99% availability – SLAs comparable to leased line SLAs

Ultimate on-the-go performance

The option of combining several 4G / LTE connections from different network operators into a virtual, optimized Fatpipe increases connection stability and reliability and makes maximum use of the entire available bandwidth in remote areas. 4G bundling enables a professional connectivity solution even when on the move, enabling lightning-fast internet speeds for vehicles and ocean-going vessels as well as reliable high upload throughput for the transmission of events at remote locations.

Get your virtual leased line

Choose the virtual leased line that meets your connectivity needs. The Virtual Leased Line services are offered in packages based on the maximum bonded throughput, the number of connection branches and the server location.