Broadband bonding for
cost effective and ultra fast Internet

Increase Bandwidth

Aggregate the bandwidth of multiple ADSL, VDSL, 3G/4G, Satellite and other wired or wireless connections into a virtual fat-pipe by routing all network traffic via our ultra fast broadband bonding servers.

Improve Availability

Combine different Internet connections from multiple ISPs and minimize Internet downtime by distributing downtime risk to multiple network paths through the transparent failover mechanism.

Optimize Performance

Boost the performance of your corporate network throughcutting edge, build-in WAN optimization technologies and further increase your company’s productivity.

Enhance Flexibility

Get independent of the telecoms infrastructure and the connectivity options in your area, through virtualized networks that make your business WANs flexible and easily managed.

Optimized Broadband Bonding for your high bandwidth requirements

Do you face issues with your Internet access?

  • Is your internet upload or download speed too slow?
  • Are you tired of having multiple Internet connections underutilized?
  • Do you struggle with frequent Internet disconnects?
  • Do you need to stop paying high cost for business Internet connectivity services?

Is your VPN unstable and underperforming?

  • Do you have branches in remote areas with limited connectivity options?
  • Do you want to optimize international congested paths?
  • Do you need to increase your MPLS VPN bandwidth cost effectively?
  • Is your MPLS VPN subscription fee too high?

Tell us your business requirements

Let us know how we can best serve your business through our turn key broadband bonding solutions.

Use Cases

Find out common usage scenarios of comBOX broadband bonding technology

comBOX multi WAN services are based on the efficient management of multiple network resources to create virtual connections that meet the highest professional standards while offering the most cost efficient WAN solution for businesses around the world. Your business’s most advanced network and connectivity demands are fulfilled via the combination of comBOX service bundles.

ADSL / VDSL bonding
Create your professional Virtual Leased line by bonding multiple ADSL / VDSL

4G / LTE bonding
Create your mobile Virtual Leased line by bonding multiple 4G / LTE connections

Satellite Link Bonding
Get high speed Internet connectivity in remote location by bonding multiple Satellite connections

Hybrid Internet Access
Get uninterrupted Internet connectivity by bonding fixed and wireless connections of any type

International MPLS alternative
Build your secure global WAN in a cost effective manner