About Us

Bahr IT Germany UG (haftungsbeschränkt) was founded on October 30, 2018. Even if we as a startup are still new to the market, we do not lack experience.

Stephan Bahr, managing partner of Bahr IT, has been dealing with information technology since early childhood. In 1998, he turned his hobby into a profession by starting (and successfully completing) IT specialist / system integration training. Already in 2008, he recognized the possibilities that were later on as the "cloud" on everyone's lips and focused his former employer on this future vision.

Upgrade to a true site-to-cloud architecture

Get the reliability of MPLS with the speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness of today's cloud-based technologies.


Optimize for voice and video

Ensure consistent VoIP and UCaaS connectivity, regardless of outages, delays, packet loss, or jitter. Bahr IT SD-WAN automatically detects problems in your connection and adapts in real time.

Improve the performance of cloud applications

Provide your end users with an uninterrupted app experience that contributes to acceptance rather than discomfort. The Bahr IT SD-WAN algorithms can identify your most critical application traffic and ensure that it is always prioritized.

Ensure availability for all your locations

Easily deploy to any number of remote offices or branch offices without network technicians on site. Bahr IT SD-WAN installs in minutes without a policy or security configuration.

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Stabilize your VPN connections

Make sure your site-to-site VPN connections are stable and performing without MPLS

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Cloud-first SD-WAN for your cloud-based business

Do not let Internet performance issues get in the way of your cloud migration. Get cloud-ready Internet for all your locations with Bahr IT's Cloud-first SD-WAN.

Hotel Wifi System

All in one hotel room Internet access provides secure WiFi access point, Ethernet cable and phone line connections in the hotel room. WAP-001 In Wall Access Point, ISS-7000 v2 Internet Subscriber Server and Access Controller optional software can work for building the in-room wireless and wired Internet Billing service in the medium to large sized hotel. The remote access control software saves the service effort that IT staff deploys the WAP-001 in different rooms, sets up different IP addresses, ESSID and manages each room’s WAP-001 device at the same time. They can remotely add, set up and delete WAP-001 using the access controller software.


Every month, Bahr IT provides an average customer with ...

Hotel Internet Services has been a pioneer in the hospitality technology arena since 2003 installing wired and wireless Internet services, including exceptional 24/7 guest service monitoring and support.