Private Network

Security and comfort
hotelis provides a private network for each guest, which connects all of its devices, including the smart TV in the room, but for security reasons prevents communication with other guests' devices.

Bandwidth reservation

Premium access for VIP guests
A guaranteed Internet speed can be booked for each private network and the devices logged into it, for example for trouble-free video conferences, working via remote desktop or video on demand services.
All of the hotel's data transfer is routed through the Bahr IT data centers. In this way, hotelis receives full control over the data on the hotel's internet connection. An overload of the connection by any kind of incoming traffic is effectively prevented. Real bi-directional QoS ensures the preferred transmission of latency-critical data packets at all times. An extensive peering portfolio guarantees the shortest routes to the most important Internet services.


Avoid unnecessary data transfer
Updates from a well-known smartphone manufacturer are stored locally in the hotel. A DNS-based ad blocker (which can optionally be deactivated by the guest) ensures shorter loading times. These and other measures ensure that there is less unnecessary data transfer and more internet bandwidth is available for guests.